External Contributors

Short description: External Contributors to the Validation Experiments

The VALUE validation experiments are open for participation to both VALUE and non-VALUE members. Thus, all downscaling groups interested in validating and intercomparing their methods are encouraged to participate in the different periodic calls of validation experiments. The group "external contributors" includes those non-VALUE members contributing to the validation experiments. Click here for information on how to contribute and register. 

Coordinators: José M. Gutiérrez
Members: , José M. Gutiérrez, Jack James Katzfey, nicola cortesi, Gabriel Ibarra-Berastegui, Carlos F. Gaitan, Katherine Hegewisch, Aidan Mario Micallef, Matti Kämäräinen, Hans Ramthun, Tanja Zerenner, Katharina Buelow, Benoit Hingray, Martin Aleksandrov Ivanov, Thanh Nguyen, Andreas Dobler, Reviewer