Participate in VALUE

To participate in and contribute to VALUE, there are different opportunities.

1. Become a Management Committee member

Each participating country can send up to two delegates to the Management Committee (MC) of VALUE. The MC meets once or twice a year to discuss administrational issues. In addition, MC members can choose to become WG members and additionally contribute to the science of VALUE. 

2. Become a Working Group member (VALUE member)

Working Groups (WG) meet at least twice a year to discuss scientific issues related to VALUE. Throughout the year, they are expected to actively contribute to the objectives and deliverables of VALUE.  

If the country you work in is part of VALUE, you can in principle become a WG member. To apply for becoming a Working Group (WG) member, you need to send a letter of motivation, CV and list of publications to the corresponding WG leader. The WG leader will then propose the application to the VALUE steering group, which will ultimately decide about your membership. Currently, the WGs are quite full already and chances are relatively low. Before formally applying, it is therefore best to informally contact the WG leader or Action chair. 

3. Contribute to the validation (external contributor)

The VALUE validation experiments are open to both VALUE and non-VALUE members. All the contributors can download the validation data, calibrate their models and upload the downscaled values for the validation period, both for real observations and for pseudo observations. The results of the validation will then be evaluated and published in the scientific literature. More information on how to contribute and register as external (non-VALUE) contributor here.