Input to ClipC

The FP7-CLIPC project wants your participation in a survey that helps to develop the Climate Information Portal for Copernicus: a pre-operational portal informing the EU’s one-stop shop for climate data and climate impact indicators, improving on the currently fragmented information sources.


CLIPC combines observational data with model output for which the project closely works with the InfraStructure for the European Network on Earth System Modelling. CLIPC also closely collaborates with the Infrastructure for the European Network of Earth System Modelling project (IS-ENES 2) and will provide climate data and impact indicators to the European climate change adaptation platform Climate-ADAPT.


For completing this questionnaire you will need about 15 minutes. The survey can be accessed here. More information on the CLIPC project can be found at:  In order to feed into a number of activities happening in the autumn, we would like to receive your response by  15 October at the latest


We would like as many people as possible to undertake the survey, so please circulate it widely around your networks.


With many thanks for your help in what we consider to be an important endeavour, and best wishes from,


Annemarie Groot, Rob Swart, Ghislain Dubois, Rasmus Benestad, Maria Manez, Christian Page, Erik van Slobbe