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External Contributors

External Contributors to the Validation Experiments

José M. Gutiérrez 1 17 Request membership
WG5: Sub-daily

Sub-daily scales

Joanna Wibig 5 21 Request membership
WG4: Extremes

Extremes. Review, validate and improve methods to downscale extremes.

Elke Hertig 7 44 Request membership
WG3: Downscaling

Spatial and temporal variability and inter-variable relationships

Martin Widmann 7 40 Request membership
WG2: Data

Set up the benchmark data set; gather and post- process the RCM simulations for pseudo-reality experiments.

Sven Kotlarski 6 24 Request membership
WG1: Synthesis

Coordination, stakeholder dialogue, review end user needs, guide the simulation of improved scenarios.

Rasmus E. Benestad 8 24 Request membership