Santander Meteorology Group (University of Cantabria - UC and Spanish National Research Council - CSIC)

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The Santander meteorology group is formed by researcher from the University of Cantabria (UC) and the National Research Council (CSIC), and conducts research on different topics related to local weather prediction, seasonal forecast and climate change. In particular, this group is specialized in the statistical analysis and post-processing (e.g., statistical downscaling) of numerical predictions from global and regional models, in particular from multi-model ensemble forecasts. This group was a partner of the 6FP EU-funded projects ENSEMBLES, FUME, QWECI, METAPHOR, IS-ENES2, involved in different tasks regarding regional projection of seasonal forecasts and climate change scenarios, and the connection with end-uses through the development of data management tools/portals (such as the data access and downscaling portals of the ENSEMBLES project). The group has also experience in downscaling seasonal forecasts and leads this activity in the 7FP EU-funded SPECS and EUPORIAS projects.