D6: 21st century scenarios for regional climate change in Europe, simulated within existing projects coordinated by VALUE, based on the best performing methods and tailored to specific end user needs

Type: Upload to website

Working groups: WG1: Synthesis,WG3: Downscaling,WG4: Extremes,WG5: Sub-daily
Deadline: 2015-12-31

VALUE will guide the simulation of improved 21st century scenarios for regional climate change in Europe and will provide access to the results in a user-friendly and well-organised climate service portal. This will be an important input for impact modellers for the IPCC process. The integration of statisticians into the climate research community will potentially have an impact far beyond the Action and downscaling itself. For instance, in the recent assessment report of the Climatic Research Unit, it was stated that “research in an area that depends so heavily on statistical methods has not been carried out in close collaboration with professional statisticians”, and that there “would be mutual benefit if there were closer collaboration” (the report addressed issues such as climate reconstructions, but the statement is equally valid for downscaling).